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Welcome to SMSI, where we also...customly design concealed storage areas - compartments, and rooms for weaponry, important documents, currencies, collections and other accessories. Our mission is to provide a convenient and affordable method to securing your objects of choice. We eliminate the hassle of unlocking a large safe; allowing you faster access in times of need. Refrain from hiding somethin dangerous like a weapon in areas of the home that could be picked up by children or other unwanted guests, and consider Secret Storage today!


SMSI is new to the Secret Constructs market, and we design and make the most affordable options on the web today! All of our products are hand crafted and designed by our designers and specialty workers. When speaking with a SMSI representative, you are speaking with the designer and craftsman behind your product. Browse this catagory and view our discounted prices for pre-made concealed products or request a design-to-create quote. Read more and see more about these unique custom services and products below that just simply...makes SMSI so great.







Custom - Secret Compartments

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Custom - Secret Rooms

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