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iOS Device Maintenance Services


Is your ipod, ipad or iphone acting weird? Does it restart or do things
on its own? You may have installed a corrupted update
or files in the system's root folder.

We offer services of:  restoration, cleaning, recovery of deleted files,
reconfiguration, jailbreaking and customization modifications

We can help for less!



We work with iOS:

- iPod Touch 1st generation
- iPod Touch 2nd generation
- iPod Touch 3rd generation
- iPod Touch 4th generation
- iPod Touch 5th generation
- iPad 1 (classic)
- iPad 2
- iPad 3
- iPad 4th generation
- iPad Air
- iPad Air 2
- iPad Mini
- iPad Mini 2
- iPad Mini 3
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5
- iPhone 5C
- iPhone 5S
- iPhone 6
- iPhone 6s
- iPhone 6 Plus
- iPhone 6s Plus
- iPhone 7



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    Quick maintenance tips for your iOS device 





While for the most part performing regular maintenance on your computing devices is not needed, periodically you might want to check a few settings out and ensure your device and the programs on it are in optimal working order. For some platforms there are third-party tools you can use (though these are not necessarily required) for these purposes, but no such tools exist for iOS. However, there are only a few practices and settings you can tweak in iOS, that will give you the most out of your device.

Delete unused apps and data

As with any device, if you run out of data storage space, then you choke your device’s ability to work properly. In iOS, you should get warnings about there not being enough space to save data or perform some task, so in these cases your best bet is to delete unused apps, photos, movies, and other data from your system.


The App Store encourages you to download apps (even free ones) and give them a try, but sometimes these apps and even those that you have paid for will have been used once, and then not used again. For the most part, once purchased you will be able to download your apps at any time, so if you have not used a number of your apps, simply press and hold them to enter Edit mode, and then tap the “x” to remove them.


This same detail goes with any data you use in your apps. If you have a massive set of documents specific to one Removing apps in iOSapp, be it movie files, photos, or otherwise, then these could collectively eat away at the storage on your device, so go through your apps’ libraries and remove files you don’t need anymore.



Remove unused apps by tapping and holding them, and then
tapping the “x” next to those that can be removed



Keep your device updated

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and apply any security patches available for iOS. Then go to the App Store and tap “Updates” and apply any app updates that are available. Generally, ensuring you have the latest software running on your device will have you at the forefront of any bugs or problems that might be in the software you use. Just make sure when you update your device that your signal or WiFi connection is stable and strong.  If the connection is choppy, your download update might get corrupted and installing a corrupted update will cause havac in your iDevice. If this happens, click here to get started.

When it comes to full upgrades of iOS, such as going from iOS 8 or 9 to the iOS 10, while in the past newer versions of OS software have put more demand on your device, this is not necessarily the case with newer versions of iOS. Apple’s new Metal API in iOS promises to give developers far better access to the device’s computational power and optimize the responsiveness of their apps, which has the potential to breathe new life into older systems. However, this will take time to implement, so your best bet in this transition is to keep your device and software updated. Ensure both your iOS system software, and your various apps are up to date.


Disable unused background services

Apps in iOS can refresh in the background and have access to location data, which should individually have relatively minimal impact on your system, but collectively may cause a performance hit. Therefore, go through your settings and disable these for all except the apps you specifically need them for. These settings can be found in Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

One approach here is to preferentially disable these settings if you are in doubt about whether your need them for a program, and then let any warnings from the programs you use spur your need to re-enable these settings.





  Maintain backups


Finally, as with all devices, be sure you maintain your backups. Apple supports iCloud-based backups where your settings and documents are saved, and can be restored along with your purchased apps and iTunes contents on the event you need to reinstall iOS. This can be set up by going to Settings > iCloud  and enabling the Backup service.

 iTunes backup options for iOS devices

Check the settings in iTunes to have your device be automatically backed up, and then ensure you have Wi-Fi syncing enabled on your device.

Alternatively, you can back up your iOS device using your Mac. Attach your device to your Mac, and then open iTunes, were you can select the option to either have your device backup to iCloud or to your Mac. You can also manually backup your device regardless of these settings. With your Mac set as the backup device, you can have it back up automatically by making it a habit to plug your phone into your Mac when you need to charge it, or set your iPhone to automatically sync via Wi-Fi and the backups should occur whenever both your Mac and iPhone are on.




Jailbreaking iDevices



10 Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone

  • The political "do it because it frees you" reason:  Some people take offense at the fact that Apple retains control over your phone after you buy it. It's just a phone, and you own it. Shouldn't you be able to do anything you want with it?
  • Access to the Cydia app store:  A number of independent developers contribute software to Cydia, the special app store for jailbroken iPhones. Because these phones can run whatever software the user wants, an impressive number of new capabilities can be bestowed upon a phone (as you'll see).
  • Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot for free:  Wouldn't it be great to get a WiFi iPad to your phone's 3G connection? A jailbreak app called MyWiFi is exactly what you need.
  • Use custom themes:  Some people will want to trade in iOS's simple appearance for something more complex or interesting. A number of jailbreak themes are readily available for them.
  • Teach Siri new tricks:  We're not the biggest fans of Siri (we even made a list of 9 things we wish it could do). But so many jailbreak apps help bring out its full potential -- change voices with AnyVoice, teach it to shut down or restart your phone with VoiceUtils, or if you don't have Siri you can install Sara, a jailbreaker's alternative.
  • Use a Swype-style text input:  We like the Swype text input method, usually only available on certain Android phones. You can drag your finger over over the keyboard and it recognizes the character you want to type when you change direction. The iSwipe app brings this same functionality to your liberated phone.
  • Access all your major settings with one button:  We love the jailbreak plugin SBSettings, which gives you instant access to all your important settings with nothing more than a double-tap on your home button, though you can configure the menu to appear as a result of any button or gesture combo you like.
  • Play other format games like Nintendo games!:  Install iMame and play Nintendo ROMs that would never see the light of day in the iTunes App Store.
  • Turn your iPhone into its own security system:  iCaughtU is a jailbreak app will take pictures of whoever attempts to enter the incorrect password to use your phone. You can set it up to email the photos to yourself when it catches a thief. Handy!
  • Get rid of notifications without unlocking your screen:  Ipsum is an app that lets you swipe over notifications to make them go away without opening the app that generated the notification. It's perfect for people who like to keep a clear Notification Center.




* Completion times depend on volume of customers. Please be patient.

* Services consist of programming and software.  We do not repair Hardware!



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