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Google Lock Bypass Service

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For most smartphones and tablets.....$30!




* 98% efficiency...Guaranteed or a full refund!

*Bring in person, or ship your phone securely via USPS Priority mail w/tracking.




In plain language, factory reset protection ensures the security against resetting a phone to its default factory settings. That means no one can reset the device and remove all its data before eliminating the FRP. It was created for scenarios where the device is stolen or lost. For criminals, it will be challenging to use a stolen device without performing the factory reset, so your data and account details aren’t easy to spoof.

This is one of the reasons why this lock so important. So, if your handset gets stolen, there’s no need to worry about your personal information. However, the FRP lock is sometimes an issue when it comes to selling or buying a device. We mean that you’ll need to reset the device before you sell it, which will require a factory reset. That can’t be done without removing the FRP lock. So how to unlock the device? Well, you can purchase our unlocking service and leave the rest to us.


We provide a reliable FRP lock service for a variety of devices. After the service, your device will be fully wiped and restored back to its factory setup configuration and fully accessable. So, follow the process below and get it done right away.



Steps to Remove and Completely Bypass the
Google Account FRP Lock Security from ANY Device

Before anything else, you’ll need to find the IMEI number of your device. This is a 15-digit code that confirms the identity of your device. Every device out there has an IMEI which is used for multiple purposes. It is the same concept as the VIN number of a vehicle.

If you aren’t sure of your IMEI, you can get it via several methods. For example, reading the numbers on the back side of the phone or checking out the device’s original box will help you discover the number. You can also check (with or without phone service or wifi) by opening the phone app and dialing:  *#06#


With the IMEI in your possession, take these steps to get the unlock done.


1. Before anything else, Purchase our service here. If you havent registered on our website, please do so


2. We will send you the receipt digitally via the email address you registered with.

3. Then, prepare your device to ship it to us by USPS Priority Mail Service.

    a. If you can take the battery out, do so. If the battery can not be removed, then it's ok.

    b. Remove any sd cards, sim cards from the device as we do no require them.

    c. Visit any USPS Office nationwide (USA) and get a free 'small flatrate box', then pack your device

        securely and ship it to our address on your receipt.

    d. Contact us and send us the Tracking Number of the shipment. This is so we can check its delivery
        status as well as the client to confirm
delivery confirmation.

4. After we receive your device we typically will complete your order within (24) hours, then ship it

    back to you via USPS Priority Mail and send you the tracking number.

5. Upon delivery, your order then is complete.




USPS Package Tracking®

You may check a tracking number using the offical USPS button below:




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