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Sunhawk Mod Services International (SMSI) has been assisting technical businesses and individuals internationally since 2005.  We offer "mobile" technical assistance and solutions for smartphones, tablets and computer software/programming, as well as modifications or digital surgery to repair or enhance existing/pre-existing technologies.

The technical developments project is designed to specifically enhance new or pre-existing technologies, slingshoting from vision to digital testing to reality.  Furthering development and testing for digital fingprint keyless entry systems (home and automotive), upgraded home digital security, automotive "road lines" sensors, windshield and door digi-glass technology systems, Full anti-autotheft lockdown systems, secur-chip credit/debit scanning rings, and various other developments.




Sunhawk Mod Services International (SMSI) invites recurring donations to our Technical Developments Fund, which allow coders from the community to work on support issues or on sustained development toward specific roadmap objectives, digital/technical experimental engineering, digital glass technology, digital fingerprint auto security and more.


You may send any donations via the secure and encrypted QR Codes either by MercadoPago, CashApp, or PayPal.

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