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Mobile Payment Methods (MPM)







Thank you for your interest in our products and/or services.  Below we explain the process for indirect (non-local) requests.


1.    Visit and register on our website.
2.    Request a price quote of the product(s) of interest.
3.    Accept our terms.
4a.    Then either make a payment on this webpage by selecting your preferred payment option below, or request an invoice sent to your registered email. We accept payment from our website via Paypal, Cash app, or MercadoPago (For Mexico); You may also pay in person with one of our MFAs (not in cash, only digitally).
4b.    If requesting an invoice be emailed to you:  Open the email, click on the blue "Pay" button, then fill out and make the invoice payment or transaction process.
6.    After payment is confirmed, we will then send you the link(s) to download your software, or process your order and ship your product(s) to you within 24 hours via USPS Priority Mail (Tracking included in USA). You may also be able to check the tracking of an order on our website using either USPS or AfterShip, which is located for your convienence under "Cart" on the left side of the website's home page.



If you wish to make a direct payment
from one of our methods below, you may do so by clicking on one of those
images. W
e will contact you soon after your payment is confirmed.












[NOTE ABOUT SOFTWARE OR ANY DIGITAL SERVICE PURCHASED:  We prepare step by step instructions for installation with all our products and/or services.  Upon request:  Afterwards, if you require technical assistance, we will contact you to schedule a remote assistance session using our SMSI Tech Support Pack.  Download, open our zip file and install our package (teamviewer for PC or for Android) and follow our setup instructions to schedule a remote session.]